About Ali Delshad

Ali Delshad was born in 1984 in Tehran. He was 7 years old when he started to learn electronic basics. From then on, he was still busy doing that till finally, at 10 built his first circuit boards and also was able to repair them. His mother was one of his greatest supporters. So, he was able to write a simple Q-Basic program for the first time with her assistance. It was that way he interested in programming and launched his first personal website during high school. He studied “statistics & Informatics” at Allameh Tabataba’i university and designed more than 50 Asp.Net websites and 10 specialized Visual Basic software at that time in freelance. At that time, he worked with four different companies as a part-time staff and gained so much experience.  As a result, the Rahyab Company chose him as its technical director, after graduating when he was just 24.  Subsequently, he established Faradade Co (Faradade.ir) to launch software projects. During this period, he was trying to set up different teams and experienced 5 times of failure in four consecutive years. In 2010, he coded an SMS system, only one month before joining the military service, which was branded as Farapayamak for the first time with a White Label dealership approach. This was a successful experience. Considering he was at military service at that time, he had to hire a few members to cooperate with. He claims it was the best decision in his own life. In one year, the Company had more than 100 representatives and after 5 years, the number reached to 3000 in the field of entrepreneurship. Since 2014, he entered to the VAS and Startup area and his Company members’s number increased from 3 to 70 just within three years. In 2016, he began studying MBA at Industrial Management Institute. So, he moved from technical and coding area to management, marketing and business development. He passed some Scrum and Lean Startup courses and launched his own startup.