In recent years, Ali Delshad also has recorded Five unsuccessful startups in his history:

  • Losha:  App for location-based ordering groceries. 
  • Carfe: Location-based app for finding nearby restaurants and coffee-shops-on-wheels.
  • Smart Mirror: RFID app, which helps you to try the clothing.
  • Chopstick: Photo printing app.
  • Farava: Dynamic IVR Dialer


Ali Delshad is familiar with the most server-side programming languages including, PHP, dotnet and Python. Yet, he considers himself as a #C programmer. He has been familiar with jQuery from the beginning it emerged and has worked with JavaScript for many years. He was an AngularJS tutor. Recently, he has learned ReactJS and React Native. For more than 15 years, he has been working with the SQL Server database. So, he is well acquainted with both principles and standards. Ali Delshad has gained many experiences in human resource, marketing and business development, management and optimization startups based on Lean and research, marketing planning and market leadership. These happened just after studying in management and creating several startups.


  • Business ِDevelopment Manager
  • Startup Consultant
  • Management Consulting
  • Agile Software Development Consultant
  • Business Development Manager

Other activities:

Ali Delshad has an international photography degree and there are so many photographs that he took during his travels to more than 30 countries. All of the memories and experiences of these trips are published on this site. Also, he is passionate about writing. Accordingly, he published more than 50 management articles you can read here. Besides, he wrote two novels “Arctic Circle” and “Playing with Death” which are recently published.